Chester Springs Video offers four standard & affordable packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum. Although we offer these packages, anything can be custom-suited to your needs, including ceremony-only coverage.

$1499 - Silver package

Includes: Six hours coverage of the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, video of formal photos, and reception events. This package provides a memorable keepsake of your wedding day.
  •  3 HD Cameras to fully capture the special moments from your wedding day

  •  3 Blu-Ray DVDs &  3 standard DVDs with custom covers, bridal party credits, and menu navigation

  •  HD video files for tablets & smartphones

  •  Wedding Highlight video to your choice of song

  •  A work-in-progress review with the couple of the wedding video before completion 


$1799 - Gold package

Adds to the Silver Package: Coverage of your wedding day (up to eight hours), starting with the Bride & Groom as they prepare for their special day, and including a first look with groom and/or bride's father.
Each package includes:
Includes basic package features as well as: Complete custom coverage of wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception (first dance, parent dances, and toasts) for up to 4 hours. This package provides a memorable keepsake of your wedding day

$1199 - Bronze package

$1999 - Platinum package

Adds to the Gold Package: A special photo montage of the Bride and Groom's lives as they unfolded. Also a "behind the scenes" chapter with outtakes and funny or unplanned moments during the day, as well guest interviews, with well-wishes for the newly married couple!
For even more information, view the document "Video Packages" below.