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Q: Why do you use a two person camera crew? Wouldn’t one camera person be less conspicuous?

A: There are several reasons for using a two-person camera crew:


  • Better coverage:  We shoot the ceremony from the bride, groom and guest point-of-view at the same time, then choose the best shot during editing.


  • Live Video:  We shoot a wedding as if it is a live broadcast; the more cameras and perspectives, the better the video.  


  • Minimal Interference:  With guests and photographers moving around during the day, there is occasional interference with a camera (sometimes at a critical moment).  With three cameras we can choose the shot that clearly shows what is happening without having to edit out that part of your special day.


  • Discretion:  We like to be discrete/ non-conspicuous during the day.  With an experienced crew, and with the use of precise camera blocking, we are in good positions to get the shots we need. If you have any doubts at all, please visit our Testimonials page!

Q: Why are your packages less than half the cost of other wedding videographers?

A: We do not use expensive and cumbersome camera rigs, dollies, or setups.  We do not use contractors to shoot or edit your video. All work is done in-house by our talented staff.  We have very low overhead, so we can charge a fair price for our work.  Also, our packages are all-inclusive; there are no extra charges.

Q: How do you work with my photographer so you can each get great shots?

A: We contact the photographer well ahead of the wedding and discuss our camera blocking positions, so the photographer will know where we will be set up.  We also go over everything again before the ceremony.  If there is a case where a photographer must interfere with one of our cameras, we will use the footage from another camera (see above).


Q: How long will the final video be?

A: There are many factors that can contribute to the final length of the video: length of ceremony, number of toasts, number of reception events, etc.  In most cases, the average length of a completed wedding video is between 60 and 90 minutes.


Q: When can we expect to receive our video?

A: In most cases, your wedding video is completed 6-10 weeks after your wedding.  For some longer, more complicated edits, it may take a few weeks more.  We always communicate progress with each couple by email and can post each section of the video on a private YouTube link for review.


Q: Do you provide the raw footage of the wedding on request as well?

A: Yes we do. We can either supply the raw footage on your flash drive (128GB), or ours ($50 extra).


Q: Do you travel?

A: Of course! We serve most of Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, but we will travel to wherever your event is held.  Distances further than 100 miles may require a fee to cover a hotel stay or travel expenses.


Q: Do you have backup equipment?

A: We travel with two additional cameras, as well as tripods, batteries, etc.  Also, all of our cameras record on two SD cards at the same time in the rare case that one would fail.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, we carry both business liability and completion insurance.


Q: I see your reviews and love them! Can I also get additional references?

A: Yes, we have a number of brides that can provide references on how we shoot, produce, and conduct ourselves during your wedding. We want you to be fully comfortable choosing Chester Springs Video for your wedding video. Reach out to use via email and we can provide additional references!



Frequently Asked Questions

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